Saturday, May 7, 2011

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J-Lo Shows Up Contestants on "Idol"
2 min
," which should teach the amateur singers a lesson or two in performing. See it! ... "E! Entertainment Television" "E! News Now ...
Darren Criss Dishes on "Glee" Success
3 min
how his life has changed since coming on the show. Plus, hear about his high school prom! ... "E! Entertainment Television ...
Johnny Depp's "Pirates" Persona
3 min
Jack Sparrow for a fourth time. Plus, hear what his kids think of his alter-ego! ... "E! Entertainment Television" Close-Up "johnny ...
The First Lady Boogies Down
59 sec
retro dance moves at a middle school to promote her Let's Move! campaign. See her funky footwork. ... "E! Entertainment ...
Stevie Nicks Talks "Glee" Tribute
2 min
the hit show's Fleetwood Mac episode--and what she thought of Gwyneth Paltrow's "Landslide" cover! ... "E! Entertainment ...

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